24 Frames Per Second

The pictures in this work were taken in movie theaters across Israel while watching films, which have been the artist’s source for images, content materials and conceptual framework.

The projected images are carefully planned and created as part of a Hollywood production. They are recorded with still camera in a profound manner. The frames are quick “snap shot” frames which are revealed once the film is developed in the lab. The film becomes an object for a chase. It is a chase for the ultimate image, that due to the film’s speed on the one hand, and the speed of reflex in pressing the shutter on the other, inevitably involves a fluff, a kind of ignorance that relies on the unseen.

Infiltrating the scene of a Hollywood film projection, with its narrative and repetitive cinematic mediums, extracts from the familiar and worn out a unique vision of content loaded with emotions. The floating images transform the entire narrative, plot and aesthetic languages of the film into a new narrative.

The space framed between the still camera and the movie screen, the rows of chairs and spectators as well as the screen itself with its boundaries of frame and format have been used as raw materials for the photographic work. These penetrate the image as shadows, transforming or distorting it by adding a specific dimension or sometimes the opposite – creating a complex image, forcing upon it mystery.